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Welcome to the Orchestra OSP Nadarzyn website !


The Polish Orchestra’s founder and musical director is Mr. Miroslaw Chilmanowicz.


Since the band was established in 1998, it has been making an important role into promoting music culture among the local community, as well as in Warsaw and the surrounding areas. The orchestra’s concerts are extremely popular and attract large audiences, and it is considered as one of the best brass bands in Poland and Europe, which is confirmed by numerous awards and merits that it has attained at brass band festivals and competitions throughout the country and abroad.


Musicians perform in concert halls as well as in dynamic displays of marching parades.


The band has had an opportunity to perform not only in the country, but also overseas in places such as Italy, Spain, Germany, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Malta, and Ukraine, in the latter of which they were given a lot of enthusiasm and warm applause.


In 2009, Nadarzyn Orchestra had a concert tour in China during the 9th Art Festival in Beijng, held at the Tianqiao Theater and Music Academy. The band was given a lot of generously welcomed by China’s audience. In October 2009, musicians performed in the 72nd Pulaski Parade in New York City, and in December of the same year they performed in Singapore and Malaysia. During this tour, the band performed in the Junior Brass Bands Festival in Singapore, which was held at one of the biggest and modern concert halls in the world: the Esplanade Concert Hall. After the beginning of the new year, the band performed at a charity concert in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for the Queen of Malaysia. In 2011, OSP Nadarzyn had a tour throughout Australia and Tasmania, and more recently, in April 2014, the band represented Poland at the International Heritage Culture and Integration Festival in Hue, Vietnam.


As one of almost 800 brass bands that performed in National Festivals of Fire Brigade Brass Bands in 2009, and again in 2013 and 2017, Nadarzyn was awarded as Poland’s Champion in all categories, including the Concert Program, Marching Band, and Marching Parade performances.

Throughout its career, the orchestra has won numerous accolades: First Place at Festival of Brass Bands in Siedlce, Poland in 2006; First Place at the Festival of Brass Bands in Jozefoslaw, Poland in 2007; First Place at the Regional Festival of Brass Bands in Warsaw-Ursus in 2008; First Place at the Festival of Brass Bands in Suwalki in 2008; the Medal for “Service to Polish Culture,” awarded by the Polish Minister of Culture and National Heritage in 2008; and finally, Gold and Silver medals in the Concert and Marching categories, respectively, in the International Festival of Brass Bands in Rastede, Germany in 2008.


In 2011, Nadarzyn Orchestra took first place in marching parade during International Festival in Giulianova, Italy. In Fall of the same year, the band performed in the “La Folle Journée” Festival, where, during the glamorous opening, they performed with Sinfonia Varsovia in the Grand Theatre. During their concert tour in Australia and New Zealand, the band performed in six concerts, including performances of a gala concert in the Farrall Centre, and in the famous MONA, which were described in the media as substantial cultural events. During a parade in Hobart, Tasmania, the band received the main Mayor Award. Later, in 2012 and 2016, the orchestra’s musicians, with great success, represented the band’s marching abilities at the International Military Tattoo Festival in Malta.


Nadarzyn Orchestra also performed for popular TV programs, such as “Jaka to Melodia,” “Kawa czy Herbata,” and “Pytanie na Sniadanie,” as well as in a commercial for “Bez VAT”. Additionally, as of 2014, the band has released four albums.

During many of their concerts, the musicians of Nadarzyn were accompanied by many Polish celebrities: Krystyna Pronko, Zbigniew Wodecki, Agnieszka Fatyga, Justyna Steczkowska, and Robert Janowski.


In the orchestra, there are more than eighty people that are pursuing their musical passions. Many among them are people from different age groups, from adults who are working in non-musical jobs, to students of different colleges, high schools, and middle schools.


Rehearsals for the band take place every Tuesday and Thursday starting at 5 P.M. at the OSP office in Poland, Nadarzyn, Warszawska 15 Street. We provide instruments and instructional lessons free of charge, with lessons provided by instructors from the Polish Army National Band and other individuals with years of performing experience.


Contact us by e-mail:


We kindly inform that the orchestra does not exchange the scores and does not answer e-mails concerning score exchange

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